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So, what is unimaginableluv love all about, you ask?

Well, we here at unimaginableluv were growing quite tired of the sparse outlet for our love of all things Harry/Pansy, restless with the lack of activity in the majority of Harry/Pansy communities, and downright agitated that there seemed to be no one reliable place to get a good rec....

And so we did something about it!

Welcome to unimaginableluv, the newest, hippest, coolest, most 'place to be' for any Harry/Pansy shipper. We welcome Harry/Pansy fics, Harry/Pansy fic recommendations, Harry/Pansy graphics, Harry/Pansy fic searches, and any and every thing remotely Harry/Pansy.

We have a few rules, so please take a moment to mind them:

1. Please do not repeatedly post the same thing. If you're updating a fic, and want to tell us about it, one post is quite enough.

2. Mentions of other pairings is acceptable to some degree, as long as the majority of your post is in reference to Harry/Pansy.

3. If you are searching for a particular fanfic, please keep in mind that telling too much can be rude and incosiderate of the Author. Keep in mind key-points that will give away the plot and be careful not to mention them, please and thank you!

4. If posting Adult-Content within your entry, please be mindful of Livejournal's rules and that they can (and might) decide to delete your account at any given time.
By joining this community you acknoweledge you are aware of the Mature-Content posted here.

5. You must join to post.

6. Be nice!

7. These forms are already coded and lj-cut for you. Please do not mess with the codes!

8. And please be sure to use the appropriate form when posting. Failure to do so may result in your being banned from posting to the community. (You will be asked to edit first, and given appropriate time to do so.)

This will of course, be added to over time. ;)

The Forms

If you are posting a fic TO THE COMMUNITY, please use the following form:

If you are posting a recommendation, please use the following form:

If you are posting a graphic TO THE COMMUNITY, please use the following form:

If there is not a form for what you want to post, (i.e. a link that takes us to another website where your fic is located,) that simply means you don't need one. Hit us with the appropriate info and send us on our merry way.

So, that's it folks! Welcome; join in if you like, or sit back and watch the show.







If you have any questions, please contact me at my journal, muse_misery or email me @ muse_misery@hotmail.com
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